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Lately I’ve been considering splitting my tumblr in two halves. One would be the tumblr I use to reblog things, while the other would be more personal, and I’d post there what I do, my art, my projects, my personal opinions and such. Any reactions ?

Aaaah, Shimajirou is so cute, I love japanese kid shows, there are very cute and—

Wait, is that… Torahiko ?!

Japan, are you serious ? Why do I find the main character of a gay furry novel while searching for Shimajirou ?! And why on the first page ?! ∑(O_O;)

Today I got a letter from Finland. And then I opened it and it turned out to be a letter from Tanoshi, aka Pangorogoro !

Aaaaah I’m so happy right now, there’s even a little comic strip just for me…  ;w;

Best christmas ever !





we have literally created our own dialogue? language? here on tumblr and i think that is the most amazing thing ever please disregard my shitty editing skills

no listen this is actually really amazing because this is a real thing. i think this counts as a pidgin language. a pidgin language is basically a changed, simplified version of a language. you can change the spellings of words, pronunciation, grammar rules, or even make up new words. i think. i’d have to research it a bit more to be sure but i’m 90% sure this is right. if its not a pidgin language, then its a lingua franca but thats more used for trade and stuff like that. but still a new language. so yes, we’ve created our own language. we’ve changed the whole sentence structure. we can trail off sentences, say things like “i just cant”, and use words like ship, OTP, fic, fandom, feels, and ship names and everyone will understand what you’re saying. the part that i love most is how people go “OMGH IM CRIIY NIG SOIOO HARD” and understand each other. for example “IM LIUA GHMNIG”. that one was incredibly easy, but if you knew that said “I’m laughing”, congratulations. You speak a pidgin language. we can even say stuff like “Does anyone know of a Johnlock fic, at least 20k words, not a WIP, with no OCs, and is Post-Reichenbach? Or just a Destiel PWP would be great.” To someone not on tumblr, that wouldn’t make any sense. but you understood, didn’t you? One characteristic of a pidgin language is that you have to learn it like a second language. Another characteristic is that it is frequently changing. tumblr goes through many trends with how we talk. if i remember correctly, when i first made an account about two years ago, talking like this wasn’t quite as common. also, that thing of suddenly capitalizing your sentence is fairly recent. you know, when people go “the new epISODE IS TOMORROW”. Like one of the people up there said, all of this is awesome because how else do you easily show emotion and tone over the internet? we’ve even made a whole sense of humour that most people here share in. There’s so much more that I could talk about with this, but i’m tired and i may be entirely wrong about everything. but yes. people on the fandom side of tumblr who speak like this are speaking a new language

As an anthropologist-in-training…I think I can safely say that this is legit. And awesome.

Yep. It’s a pidgin, born of texting and extreme youth. Get used to it.

There are so many things I’d like to say about this post.

First, what the hell ?… Just because most people on Tumblr use typical abbreviations, words, lack of punctuation and sudden capitalization, you would call this a language ? There was this whole linguistic thing about how people on Tumblr use a pidgin language or at least a lingua franca where “you can change the spellings of words, pronunciation, grammar rules, or even make up new words”. Well yeah, call it whichever way you want, but can you actually consider it a LANGUAGE ? Really ? It’s just english with some variations, not a new language…

"we’ve changed the whole sentence structure" ? No, you didn’t, you’ve just removed the caps and punctuation, and you added sudden capitalization to express your feelings. It is STILL ENGLISH. ENGLISH. English written differently if you want (I’d rather call this poorly written English concerning the lack of punctuation and capitalization but well) but it is STILL ENGLISH.

"for example “IM LIUA GHMNIG”. that one was incredibly easy, but if you knew that said “I’m laughing”, congratulations. You speak a pidgin language." ? Yes, congrats if you understand, you master the rules of the Tumblr way of writing. Do you speak a new language ? No, you don’t. You still speak English.

"One characteristic of a pidgin language is that you have to learn it like a second language." Wtf ? Yes, you have to learn all the abbreviations and such, but do you actually think it’s as hard as learning a new language ?! Because this is what I feel you’re implying : "you’re learning a new language (kinda)" and I clearly refuse to admit it’s a new language, it’s not, it’s still ENGLISH.

But of all the things that I read in this post, this is what has upset me the most. This one sentence.

"Yep. It’s a pidgin, born of texting and extreme youth. Get used to it."

"Get used to it."

NO, I don’t want to “get used to it”. Because it’s NOT a language. It’s a way of writing. And what upsets me most about this sentence is that it just says “Get used to it”, like if it was a fatality. Like if everybody should write like this. Like if it was the universal language of Tumblr.

Now, you may wonder why I am so upset about people saying that this way of writing is a new language when you could think it’s merely a question of words. And we come to my second point. I’d like to draw your attention on the first post of the second screen. The one that says that the popular posts are those where there are no capitals and no punctuation. When I first read this, I thought people would actually question the Tumblr way of writing. But they DIDN’T. On the contrary, they started glorifying it. They started saying that they had invented a new language. And that it was good.

What if you wanted to make a popular post without adopting these conventions ? Write a funny joke without removing the punctuation ? And even without wanting to make a popular post, do you really think it’s normal that people would prefer a post respecting the conventions over one which doesn’t ? Especially if this one is objectively better ?

I don’t think this is OK. Everybody should have their own personal way of writing. But instead of that, we’ve got a universal way of writing. A writing convention that flattens everything. A writing convention that kills any individual expression. Every popular post I read feels the same. Sure, the contents are different, and the posts themselves are not bad - I often laugh when the jokes are good, and otherwise I think I would have left Tumblr way back ago. But on the form, I don’t see any difference. I’m still kinda new on Tumblr, I’m starting to realize that. And it kills me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the way of writing itself. If someone feels like writing like this, I have no right to tell them to stop. What I’m attacking is that it has become this Tumblr-wide phenomenon that makes everything look the same. I’m pretty sure that most people on Tumblr wouldn’t have had the idea to write like that on their own. So there is no way you can tell me that it’s simply the personal expression of a lot of people. They had to learn this “”language”“. And I’m also pretty sure it was unconscious. I’ve surprised myself imagining sentences following the patterns as I was thinking about how I should respond to my friends for example. Like, it almost comes naturally to fUCKING USE RANDOM CAPITALIZATION AND BAD WORDS. I never actually wanted to write like this. I’m convinced that it was mainly due to seeing it again and again on tumblr. It was not free will. And I believe it is also true for most of the people writing like this.

Then, I’m not forcing anyone to stop writing like this, as I said earlier. I just want you to open your eyes if you hadn’t realized it. I don’t think it will spread on tumblr or anything, I’m not stupid, but I really want the few followers I have that have actually read this until the end - if there is any - to, well, not to change if they have adopted this way of writing, but to realize that this phenomenon is a problem on Tumblr, or at least that it’s not something anyone should glorify. That’s not a language. That’s a convention. And in the long run, it’s not doing any good. 

Anyway, where we are now, I doubt it can be changed. Somehow, it’s the same as in real life, but with other conventions. But still, I think people should be aware of what it really is.

I’m telling you that as someone who loves languages as well as personal expression. And I don’t want anyone either to call this way of writing a language or making it sound like the best thing ever. Plus, I see many actually good posts that would deserve to be more popular, but are not - mainly because there is actually punctuation and capitalization in my opinion, and it makes me angry. Because I feel Tumblr, or at least the “popular side”, is frozen in this way of expressing itself. And because I feel Tumblr would be even better than it actually is if people had their own way of speaking, even if it was not that different from normal writing.

That was probably a useless rant, but at least I feel way less uneasy than I was when seeing this post.

Oh and, please excuse me for the mistakes. It may seem ironical from someone defending languages, but I’m not English, I’m French, so I still don’t speak English perfectly. >w<

"Les sous-entendus dans Pokémon X", épisode 2

C&#8217;EST CENSÉ ÊTRE UN JEU POUR ENFANTS&#160;!! щ(゜ロ゜щ)


claspers replied to your post: Est-ce qu’ils ont vraiment tr…

pourquoi il demandent si t’as plus de 18 ans? t’est sur que c’est un FPS la

A mon avis c’est un FPS coquin. Ou alors c’est un autre truc à la première personne, mais je vois pas quoi. xD

Est-ce qu&#8217;ils ont vraiment traduit
First-Person Shooter par 1er Personne Touche

Est-ce qu’ils ont vraiment traduit

First-Person Shooter par 1er Personne Touche




well this is it

bonjour my petite crossaints

*mes petits croissants

maybe you might want to reconsider doing your homework. 

It’s funny because actually he was only talking about primary school, and I highly doubt there’s any primary student on Tumblr… x)



I love The World God Only Knows because the concept itself makes you assume that it’s going to have your stereotypical harem anime scenario, but then, upon watching it, you realize that the characters are actually pretty solid.

Especially in this last season with Chihiro and Keima. There was some actual character development for Keima, and Chihiro is shown to be a pretty real and fleshed out character beyond the generic high school girl you see in so many other anime.

I’m extremely happy that Keima had begun to understand the consequences of leading all of these girls on, even if it’s for the sake of the world. He was no longer this dating sim god. He realized that he was really toying with people’s feelings, and in the end, he just felt awful. It sucks for him, but I feel like it was good to show that he was capable of emotions outside of those games.

I’m looking forward to the next season to see where the characters’ arcs end up.

You forgot the fact that his life depends on it, not like his necklace will cut his head off or anything

So what ? That doesn’t change much, really.

I agree with krennthief, the necklace is a pressure, but that doesn’t change the fact that the character is changing. At the beginning, yes, he was probably scared for his life and relunctant to do that job, but in the end he didn’t seem to have much remorse for all the girls he was charming even though he didn’t love them. I think it was more like some kind of annoyment, like “meh, girls in games are better”.

With Chihiro, I think he finally realised the real consequences of his actions. Toying with people’s feelings is bad. So yes, there is pressure, there is the necklace, there is the fate of the World, but wow, this isn’t a reason for him to just do his job without wondering if what he is doing is OK.

This character development is very interesting, because I didn’t expect him to show feelings, and that was a good surprise.